Surgical Dressings and Wound Management: An overview

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"This is a tome that every serious wound care clinician should have on his/her reference shelf.... Covering all aspects of wound care dressings, this comprehensive textbook is really a must-have for anyone involved with wound dressings- from healthcare providers to manufacturers to sales reps to purchasing agents and insurers."

Dr. Diane L. Krasner, Wound & Skin Care Consultant, York, PA, USA.

This book, probably the most comprehensive single source of information on wound management materials, is fully illustrated with both black and white and colour photographs. It comprises 720 pages divided into 22 chapters, full details of which may be found in the Table of Contents.

The first few chapters deal with the structure of the skin and the mechanisms of wound healing. The next section describes the development, physical characteristics and chemical properties of most surgical dressings in current use. These are classified into broad groups such as hydrogel dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, foam dressings, alginate dressings, film dressings, silver dressings, medicinal maggots and VAC therapy.

A detailed account is provided on the use of the different dressing types in the management of leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (pressure sores), malignant wounds, dehisced wounds resulting from surgical wound infection, skin or microvascular changes associated with diabetes, diabetic ulcers, ischaemic wounds and other miscellaneous wound types such as pilonidal sinus, all of which may be encountered by a wound care practitioner on a regular basis. In every case this the information provided is supplemented by a critical review of the literature relating to use of the products concerned.

A chapter containing observations on the factors that influence the choice of wound dressings completes the clinical section of the book in which particular attention is given to the importance of wound assessment and how this process, combined with a good understanding of the properties of the different products, can impact upon the dressing selection process in the management of all types of clinical problems.

The final chapter contains more commercial information, consisting of contact details for manufacturers and distributors of surgical dressings and other products cited within the text.
Surgical Materials and Wound Management is also available as an eBook.

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