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Medetec is run by Dr Steve Thomas who, for over thirty years, was Director of the Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory (SMTL) in South Wales, a National Health Service (NHS) laboratory which is widely regarded as the United Kingdom's leading centre for testing dressings and medical devices.

Dr Thomas has published widely on a range of topics relating to wound management. Details of these publications can be found here .

In 1995 whilst still in SMTL, Dr Thomas was responsible for reintroducing maggot therapy into Europe. He subsequently left the NHS in 2005 to become Technical Director of ZooBiotic Ltd, a small pharmaceutical company that was established specifically to produce and sell medical maggots under the name of LarvE.

In May 2007 Dr Thomas left ZooBiotic and established Medetec. Since that time he has remained very active in the wound dressings area, providing a consultancy and medical writing service to the wound care industry, and technical advice in a number of legal cases. He has also acted as an independent expert witness.

He has also recently completed a textbook entitled Surgical Dressings and Wound Management, and developed Medetec Medical Images, a comprehensive library of pictures of wounds and wound dressings which, for educational purposes, is available free of charge to healthcare staff and other involved in the practice of wound care.

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