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Medical Device Technical Publications

Medetexts will develop into a repository for scientific texts on medical devices such as literature reviews, test reports and other relevant documents in the public domain. It will contain other texts of scientific interest not available elsewhere. This part of the site is currently still under construction.

1. The potential use of allicin, derived from garlic, as an inhalation therapy in the treatment of Covid-19 and other pulmonary infections.

A review of the scientific literature was undertaken to identify published data on the potenial use of allicin as a treatment for Covid-19 and its sequelae. The results of this review suggest that administration of allicin via a nebuliser MAY offer benefits in the management of this condition. Further clinical work is required to confirm this theory.

Two versions of this review are available, the complete review, and a shorter summary.

Download complete review as a pdf file here

Download summary of review as a pdf file here

2. Fluid handling properties of Allevyn foam dressings: results of a comparative laboratory study.

Download pdf file here

3. MVTR Calculator

An EXCEL spreadsheet that facilitates conversion of laboratory-derived test data for semipermeable film dressings obtained under standard test conditions to values that will apply under more clinically relevant conditions.

Download the Medetec MVTR Calculator here

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